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Taxis in Mookambika : |
Let us know your travel dates and travel requirements, we will help you book any type of taxi and plan your travel. Your personal concierge service at Mookambika Temple, Kollur.
Taxis in Mookambika
Let us know your travel dates and travel requirements, we will help you book any type of taxi and plan your travel.

Taxi Booking in Mookambika Kollur

Our taxi booking services include hosts of services like pickups, drops, package tours etc. We will help you plan the entire itinerary well in advance. We have tied up with a network of reputed cab services and travel operators across towns. We will take utmost care to ensure the drivers and cars are of high quality.

Mookambika Temple, an ancient temple is situated at Kollur, Karnataka. If you are planning to visit Kollur Mookambika Temple during any festival, make sure to have Mookambika taxi booking as soon as possible to make your ride easy. Visiting here, you will see various instances of the dumb, the blind, childless couples and many other individuals, making vow to Devi Mookambika and confronting their desires. This striking temple is made up of gold plated crest as well as copper roofs that allure thousands of devotees. It is a renowned temple in Kundapur taluk of Karnataka where pilgrims from all corners of India visit. Well, as Kollur Mookambika temple is one of the most popular temples, you don't have to stress about reaching the place. There is a good and convenient transport facility from all over the state, Karnataka. You will find bus services frequently from Udupi and Mangalore. However, there are lots of ways to reach Kollur from Udupi. The speediest and most comfortable choice is getting a Mookambika taxi rental. If you plan to go on one-way journey, it would be best to hire a driver driven one way cab. Moreover, you would find various options ofbooking a shared taxi while on a budget trip. If you want a taxi which is dedicated to your use, you would find it as well.

The distance from Udupi to Kollur by car is about 75 km. Thus, the estimated travelling time from Udupi to Kollur by a Mookambika cab is 1 hour and 40 minutes. However, the most affordable way of travelling from Udupi to kollur would cost Rs. 2457 on average for a one-way cab or taxi journey. A one-way driver driven taxi rental will save you money in comparison to the amount paid on a round trip. Well, one can book a Mookambika temple taxi either online or offline. It would depend on your preference being a traveler. One might prefer quality, comfort service at an affordable price. However, you need to be careful while trying to quibble for the cheapest or lowered priced cab because you can confront the risk of operators cutting corners in their service and even over-laying with some hidden charges.
It takes more or less three hours by bus from Mangalore. The roundtrip distance from Mangalore to Kollur is nearly 270 km. You can enjoy the best deals on online taxi booking from Mangalore to Kollur. Taxi rental services are available for every cab or taxi type like economical, Non AC, AC and cozy shared taxi. There are even many tour operators that also include this temple visit in the conducted tour package programs. Well, visitors coming from the southern parts of India would have to travel through Mangalore for reaching Kollur Mookambika Temple. Persons coming from northern and eastern parts could access the temple through Shimoga. Visitors on the route Konkan have to alight at Kundapur or Bhatkal for reaching Kollur. There are abundant buses that travel from Udupi to Kollur and even via the Kollur to the route of Sringeri. Udupi, Mangalore, Kundapur, Vandse and the route of Hemmadi is the most convenient and the shortest way to Shree Mookambika Temple in Kollur. Direct buses facility is even available from vital places such as from Chennai to Kollur, Bangalore to Kollur as well as Byndoor to Kollur as well as from many other places. However, Mookambika taxi services could be a better option to avail than any other transportation, no matter whether you are alone or with family and friends as taxi renders much more benefits than just picking and dropping from one place to another. Byndoor is the closest station to Kollur. But the biggest disadvantage of this station is its location in remote border place of Kundapara taluk and it becomes risky to get facilities at night. However, the distance from Byndoor to Kollur is about 19 km and the road distance is virtually 28 km. The fastest way of getting from Byndoor to Kollur Mookambika is to taxi that takes 24 minutes and will costs Rs. 490. You can even hire Mookambika taxi service to get from Mangalore Junction to Kollur Mookambika. The distance between Mangalore and Kollur is 120 km and the road distance is nearly 147 km. It will take 2 hours and 3 minutes to reach the destination by taxi. Well, Kundapara is another railway station nearest to Kollur and the road distance is nearly 38 km. From Kundapura station, you will get lots of private cabs or taxis that can be accessed quite easily during night hours. The cheapest way of travelling from Kundapura to Kollur would cost Rs. 2543 for one-way cab or taxi journey. Kundapura is situated at a distance of 763 km from Chennai and the places that are worth visiting here include Mookambika temple.

Mookambika temple taxi services are there to serve visitors or devotees who come to visit the temple from long distances. Just like other business in Kollur that aims to make their clients happy, Mookambika cab service ensures that each and every individual who hires a taxi in Kollur Mookambika is happy with the service rendered. Well, hiring a taxi service in Kollur will let you forget about the traffic and bumpy filled road along with manning the wheel. You can simply sit back and relax as being a passenger you are only meant to enjoy your ride, glancing the beautiful picturesqueof the temple town from the window. Hiring a taxi is always a better option than riding your own car in aspects like you don't have to stress about the extra expenses for your car. Mookambika Kollur taxi services are available every minute of all days. This is definitely a special advantage in the famous temple town Kollur as you would be able to get a cab at any point you require. You can go to anywhere in a taxi comfortably, making it a convenient ride option.

Hiring Mookambika temple taxi is great as one can simply enjoy the attractions of the place in the fastest and safest way. There are several reliable and efficient taxi services in Kollur that can let you experience the most memorable ride to Shree Mookambika Temple. Another reason to hire taxi as a better option is that most of the cabbies' chauffeurs are knowledgeable. They know about their city or town the best and possess insider tips such as which road to take for avoiding the huge rush hour traffic as well as the shortest route to reach a particular place easily. It is even a great advantage for those who are visiting the place for the first time. Chauffeurs of Mookambika cabs know each and every shortcut. However, one of the most significant advantages to hire a Mookambika taxi service is that one doesn't have to worry about getting a suitable parking area. Taxis will render more convenient and quicker travelling solution while it comes to parking and so, you just don't have to worry about it. You simple ride a Mookambika taxi, reach the destination, pay and get out of it and stress no more. Well, a taxi can be hired in two ways. You can hire an empty taxi from the street. Like, Mookambika taxi services possess taxis in several parts of the temple town or city for those who require employing them. The other way of getting a taxi is by dialing the number of a taxi service. These are known to be call-in services. You just have to inform the picking and dropping location to them. The dispatcher will connect to the unique radio system of the taxi service provider and will find one which is the nearest to your location. The cab will reach you within 5 to 10 minutes. Well, it can be a much more convenient option for you to get a Mookambika cab. Thus, if you are visiting Kollur Mookambika Temple, you can make a Moookambika taxi booking in advance. Sometimes it can become difficult to get easy availability of taxis in Kollur, especially in peak seasons so it is better to book earlier to make your visit comfortable and hassle-free. Maximum Mookambika taxi drivers are knowledgeable about the place. They are even familiar with the rush traffic conditions and know well how to get you reach your destination safely and within time. Hiring a taxi in Kollur will save you from the headache of getting a parking place. Parking area is literally difficult to find, particularly during the festive months and it is a big issue. You visit to Kollur Mookambika Temple should be felicitous and it would be possible to a bigger extent by hiring a Mookambika temple taxi.
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Taxi Services in Mookambika Kollur

To book a driven driven taxi cab has never been easy. If you are visiting Kollur, make sure to get your Mangalore to Kollur Mookambika taxi booking done as soon as possible. With a Mookambika temple taxi, you will be able to reach your destination easily and safely. Availing a cab service from Mangalore to Kollur, one can rest in peace. However, your plan might change all of a sudden. But in that case, you will get the option of zero cancellation fees from a reliable Mookambika taxi service provider. All in all, one will be able to rest ensured that he or she will get the most courteous drivers and their cab would be on time to pick. If you are planning to hire a cab service from Mangalore to Kollur, then make sure to check the Mookambika Kollur taxi fares before booking.

Kollur is a temple town in the districts of Udupi in the foothills of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. The place is popular for its auspicious Mookambika Temple with thousands of pilgrims or devotees who visit the temple every year. One fascinating facet of Kollur Mookambika is its shikara in gold-plated. Like it is already said, that the transportation facility is pretty good available in this famous temple town so, there are tons of Mookambika cab options from Mangalore to Kollur or Udupi to Kollur that would let you have a hassle free experience. According to the myth, the Kollur Mookambika idol was installed by Adi Shankaracharya. Although Kollur is primarily known for Devi Mookambika Temple, there are even tons of other things one can do being here. It is possible that the Hidlumane falls and Kodachari hills render you some amazing views for your next Instagram pictures. Being in Kollur, you should not miss to taste the delectable food at Adiga's, especially their popular dosa. One could even halt on the way at Udupi for trying some unique food such as the bisi bele baath with spicy potato chips or spicy mixture. It would be even great if you pack halwa of jackfruit for your friends back house. Well, getting a Mangalore to Kollur Mookambika taxi won't be a problem, if you book one in advance.

This old temple Kollur Mookambika in Karnataka is about 135 km from Mangalore, 75 km from Udupi, 197 km from Chickmagalur and 416 km from Bangalore. It even gained effective entrance to from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu through train and road. Well, there is number of options to book taxi cabs in Mangalore for half day (4hours/40 km) or the whole day (8hours/80 km) as per the necessity. However, Mookambika temple taxi options include vehicles like Etios, Tata Indigo, and Swift Dzire, hatchbacks such as Tata Indica, Etos and such others, SUVs like Tavera and Innova as well as Tempo Travelers. Booking cabs in Mangalore or Udupi to reach Kollur is always demanding. You can look at the different choices in taxi rentals in Mangalore or Udupi and book a Mookambika taxi now. However, you might require a cab on a tight budget or at a short notice. In that case, you can select from Sedan, Innova or Indica according to your requirements and size of group. On the other hand, one might require a cozy and comfortable vehicle for the trip and a Sedan could be a better option for it. To travel with larger groups, Innova six as well as seven seaters would do the work with ease. There are even Camry, Mercedes or Corolla as luxurious car options for a clement vacation. Whatever might be the requirement, while renting a taxi to reach Kollur Mookambika, one would find the perfect car type that is comfortable enough to meet the travelling needs. For example, Tata Indica will be suitable for budget trips accommodating four customers while Toyota Etios basically will be suited for small families accommodating four passengers. However, Toyota Innova would be a comfortable option for larger groups or long trips, accommodating six to seven customers. You would even be able to enjoy the best deals for Mangalore to Kollur car package or others that is reasonable and pocket-friendly. You could avail the package on the basis of the available itinerary. At the time of booking, you will get the details of the Moookambika Kollur taxi fares. Whether it is your casual trip, family holiday or business trip to Kollur, one will get a wide variety of cheap Mookambika taxi rentals in every size and shape. You will find cab rental solutions which suits the best your requirements with the latest offers at the most affordable rates. If you are searching for a reliable cab service from Byndoor railway station to Mookambika temple in Kollur, you will get tons of options that meet all car hire needs.
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How to avail Mookambika taxi services

Mookambika taxi services are easily accessible at present from Mangalore to kollur or any other places. A taxi or Mokkambika cab can be booked in Mangalore or from other places on the websites of the respective taxi service providers. One can book for any congenial destination of your choice. Mookambika temple taxi services even offer best deals that you can consider to avail. You just need to set a pick up time and location. The taxi would reach on time. However, for any queries regarding availability of taxi or cabs for your Kollur trip, you would even get the option to call customer support number of respective taxi service provider in Mangalore, Udupi or Kollur for assistance of Kollur sightseeing, Kollur round trip or Kollur full day taxi booking or any other purpose. There is even the scope of multi-city travel where a taxi can be booked for various destinations. However, you can even avail a Mookambika Kollur taxi service online that will offer online booking confirmation. It would be a better option to go for if you plan to visit Kollur during the peak times. Mookambika temple taxi can even be book from Mangalore, Udupi or other places without paying any amount in advance. One can make use of any mode of payment like cash to driver and online payment while booking a taxi for a trip. All kinds of cabs such as Mini, SUV, sedan and others are available to choose depending on the budget, group size or preferences.

Finding a cab or taxi could be the most ghastly part of any vacation or trip. It is always recommended to arrange one's stay as well as transportation in advance to the visit for assuring availability. Previously, one would have to first reach the place or spot and then look for a taxi or cab. With the gradual advancement in technology, booking a cab or booking a taxi could be done easily online with ease, no matter whether you are booking or reserving in Mangalore or Kollur or for any trip. Booking a Mookambika cab is not only about finding a taxi which takes one there but even the most important thing is the trust issue. Drivers of reliable Mookambika taxi services are amiable, trustable and would take added effort to just ensure that their client's trip is safe and enjoyable. However, for assuring that you would get a car while you require it, try booking well in advance. Kollur Mookambika Temple is a very renowned one and thousands of visitors, devotees or pilgrims gather to have a glimpse of Devi Mookambika, especially during the main festive occasions. In such times, it certainly becomes difficult for getting a taxi or cab as per one's choice or need on the spot. Hence, booking a cab for your Kollur trip will be always beneficial, utilizing the modern technology. Mookambika cab reservation is easy to do and trustable so, maximum individual book taxis or cabs online for assuring that they do not have to stress about it at the last moment. Visiting the respective site of taxi service providers, you would be able to book a rental taxi or book a cab to absolutely anywhere. However, many taxi services hike the price rate significantly during the peak seasons. You need to ensure that you aren't cheated and you get the worth of your money.

Whether you are planning to visit Kollur during the important festive seasons or general time, one must always customized plan as well as enjoy the best experience at a reasonable price by booking a Mookambika taxi as soon as possible. Well, while booking a Mookambika cab, you can normally find one on road or street or even can book from any reliable app. There are different types of apps through which you could book cabs or taxis. You can find one on road or street or even can book from any reliable app. There are different types of apps through which you could book cabs or taxis. You can reach Mangalore or any other place and then book a cab for your trip right away. After looking up the place on the map, you could rapidly call a cab or taxi for getting there. It is a straightforward way and one which works quite well. Or, you directly can book the taxi via Google Maps without installing any app on phone. The benefit to book a cab via the Maps app is that you could the rates beforehand. You would be able to see the estimates of fare for every class of cars at the same time. Moreover, it would let you to compare the fares quickly and look for the best option while booking a taxi.

FAQs of Mookambika Taxis

Do you require paying extra amount besides the rates listed on the respective websites?
No, the amount that is listed on the websites is certainly the final amount one would require paying. The quotes of maximum taxi service providers are entirely transparent and list every applicable rate upfront. Maximum trip quotes are inclusive of state tax, toll tax as well as other charges. However, for every quotation, parking charges aren't included and one might be liable to pay added charges for parking. Well, charges of parking typically range from Rs. 150 to Rs. 300 in case of maximum airport pickups
    What if I have a lot of luggage to be carried during the journey?
    While making the reservation, make sure about your requirements. There will be the option of specifying the number of passengers, number of large and small luggage pieces as well as any particular request. Reliable taxi service providers aim to offer a quality service at an affordable rate. If you render the right information, it will help to get the right car which meets your needs.
    Can one request the taxi to be waiting at a place?
    One just needs to ensure that the pickup address should be a well-known address. Many taxi services might not accept street intersections as the pickup address.
    If I book a taxi by phone, will the toll be included in the costs?
    Toll charges are not included and you will have to bear the costs for taxis and cabs plying from Mookambika. The booking confirmation renders full transparency on what are included in one's trip plan and quote.
    What is the earliest time to make a reservation?
    You can reserve at anytime. Well, shorter the notice, fewer the options and tighter the inventory. As the best practice, it is better to make a reservation as fast as possible if you know about your plans. There is possibly no charge in canceling a booking if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance.
    What are the benefits to book in advance?
    The benefits of booking in advance are like:
    - Get the real peace of mind by arranging a car and getting entirely transparent and hassle-free reservation
    - It includes no risk as one can make a reservation of 'pay later' and pay online while plans firm up
    - Many trip concierges could be of help to recommend places of staying, render added resources for the trip and things to do.
    What things to look for while looking for lower quote?
    You will get the best quality cars or cabs for the lowest possible price. It is difficult to schedule the last minute trips as cars and drivers are booked already and thus, rates of bookings could be 15 to 20% higher that are made within 48 hours of a trip than the normal rates. For avoiding such types of situation, you are recommended to book at least 21 days or more in advance.
    Which is the nearest bus stand near Kollur?
    Kollur main bus stand terminus is just 500 metres from the Temple.
    Can a booking be cancelled?
    Yes, all the bookings can be cancelled in less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of pick up and they would be subjected to Cancellation & Refund policy as per the terms & conditions of the respective service providers.
    Reviews of Mookambika Temple Kollur
    RATED 4.5/5. A trip to Mookambika temple at Kollur is nearly an annual facet for us. We get a sort of bliss making prayers here. Our grandchildren were rendered Vidyarambham at this temple. It is located on the slopes of the Western Ghats. We reached Kollur hiring a taxi service from the railway station Baindoor. Generally the taxi union at the railway station follows a taxi queue where the train arrives and they charge not too high. Taxis are available all throughout. It was a very nice experience visiting the temple
    Kannur, Kerala
    RATED 5/5. Mookambika Temple is about 150 km from Mangalore and located at the bottom of Kodachadri Mountain. I was present during the poojas like in the morning, afternoon and night to see the distinctive face changes of Devi Mookambika. It is best to spend some days in Kollur for visiting the temple and Kodachadri hills. Many taxis or cabs operate from the temple premises to the hills each hour. We got a cab quite easily. Overall, the experience was good.
    Lohith Rai
    Bengaluru, Karnataka
    RATED 5/5. Mookambika is divine and the temple is nicely maintained. The transportation facility is really very appreciable. The taxi service is pretty quick and always available. The drivers are friendly and have high knowledge regarding the place. It is worth to visit the temple, especially riding a comfortable cab.
    Ramesh Nambia
    Kannur, Kerala
    RATED 5/5. I had a very good experience in visiting Kollur from Mangalore. I booked a cab online just after getting out of airport. It was really very quick. I had a comfortable ride with a good driver. I recommend visiting this place only in taxi. It seems like to touch the sky.
    Pramod Shetty
    Dubai, UAE
    RATED 5/5. I had a very nice experience visiting Kollur with my children and family. I went to the temple in March. It wasn't possibly a peak time so the availability of cabs or taxis was quite high. We got a taxi quickly and our journey was very comfortable. I went to the temple for my son as we had a prayer to go with him. It was a good experience.
    Jagriti Gill
    RATED 5/5. Mookambika Temple is a renowned temple of Kollur that is visited by thousands of devotees every year. We were really lucky to get a cab within time and reach the temple at a less crowded time. We initially thought to avail the bus service to reach Kollur from Udupi but later went for the Mookambika temple taxi. It was really a good decision as taxi services are really very good here. We had a great day.
    Prajwal M
    Ludhiana, Punjab
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